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Returns & Replacements

  • 14-Day Free Returns

    Return for a one-time replacement pair of equal or lesser value, or request a full refund within two weeks of receiving your order!

    365-Day Guarantee

    You're eligible for a one-time replacement pair within 12 months (P.S. This only applies to products with noticeable defects in the craftsmanship).

    Step for Returns & Replacements

    1. Return or replace: email to, tell us the details to start your return or replacement.

    2. Confirmation: Our customer service team will be in touch within 24 to 48 hours to confirm return details.

    3. Ship back: Mail your eyewear and provide the shipping number.

    4. Refund or replacement: You'll get your refund within 48 hours, or if you got a replacement we'll ship your eyewear!

    Returns & Replacements Policy

    Both warranties (14-Day Free Returns and 365-Day Guarantee) do not cover damage and/or return requests caused by accidents, negligence, or improper care.

    You need to ship the item(s) back and notify our customer service team to initiate the refund or replacement. A shipping fee may apply for a one-time replacement.

    If you are only buying frames from us and getting prescription lenses from somewhere else, please send back Eyeglass Frames Only.

    Customized lenses cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason other than manufacturer defect.

    Basames reserves the right to limit the number of returns and/or exchanges at any time.

    Replacing Your Eyewear

    You can send a request for a replacement pair with the same order details, or contact our customer service team if you want to change your order details.

    The next request for a different product in the same order can be sent after the previous request is complete.

    My Prescription Lenses Are Incorrect

    If your prescription lenses are not 100% accurate, we will provide a pre-paid return label for you to return the product within 14 days of receiving your items and we will replace the same lens package at no additional cost.

    All lens orders are independently evaluated upon return for correctness. If the order was made accurately according to the prescription originally submitted, refunded orders are not eligible for a pre-paid return label.

    Products must be returned in the exact condition in which they were received. Products returned for lens issues past our 14-day return window may only be replaced or repaired, not refunded. Replaced lenses must be the same lens type, material, and options as originally ordered.

    Please do not attempt to repair eyewear before returning it to Basames as this may void the warranty.

    My Item is Incorrect or Damaged

    If you receive an item that arrived damaged or incorrect, we will provide a replacement, exchange, refund.

    Incorrect or damaged products must be returned within 14 days of receipt in the exact condition in which they were received. This policy does not cover accidental damage. In the event we determine a returned item has signs of accidental damage, we will need to return the item to you.

    IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to repair eyewear yourself as any alterations (glue, etc.) will void the warranty.

    Our 365-Day Guarantee Coverage

    If you notice any defects in your frame or lenses that could be covered under warranty, we will repair or replace your item, provided the reported issue is confirmed upon our evaluation and the warranty period has not expired.

    Frame Defects Typically Covered:

    1. Stripped screws.

    2. Broken nosepad posts.

    3. Broken or loose hinges.

    4. Dislodged jewels or logos.

    5. Oxidation or discoloration.

    Lens Defects Typically Covered:

    1. Cracks not caused by rough handling.

    2. Peeling coatings.

    What's Not Covered?

    1. Exposure to excessive heat or cold.

    2. Prolonged exposure to water.

    3. Rough handling.

    4. Improper cleaning.

    To Request a Return Label

    If you receive an item that arrived damaged or incorrect, we will provide a replacement, exchange, refund.

    Contact us via email or online. Tell us your order number and the issue you are having with your product.

    Our returns department will reply to you within 2 business days.