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International Customers

  • Welcome to Basames! We do this trade genuine since 2008. We Ship to 140 Countries.

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    At Basames we appreciate our international customers and will do our best to make sure you are delighted with your order no matter where you are. To make your transaction as smooth as possible, please take a moment to read through this important information.

    Note: All transactions, including refunds, are in U.S. Dollars (USD). If using a different currency, the exchange rate is handled by your financial institution. If returning a product, the exchange rate may be different at the time the product is returned.

    International Shipping

    We ship products worldwide. Free shipping does not apply to international orders.

    Taxes And Duties

    Not all countries impose taxes and duties on eyeglasses, sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, and prescription sunglasses—but many do. The rates will vary per country.

    If you are using our International Air Express shipping service, then your item will ship via DHL, or UPS, or FedEx, or EMS and the taxes and duties imposed by individual countries outside China are not included in the sale price. The customer is responsible for paying all Taxes and Duties associated with international shipping, upon delivery.