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Blue Light Glasses

  • Blue Light Glasses & Computer Glasses

    Reduce exposure to potentially harmful blue light!

  • What is Blue Light?

    Contrary to UV light, blue light is emitted all around us, every day — both indoors and outdoors, from the screens on our digital device to the sun as the biggest source. Extended exposure to certain wavelengths may cause eye fatigue and discomfort, but don’t worry! Our blue light filtering glasses and computer screen glasses can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful blue light. Learn how to choose the best lenses for blue light prescription glasses.

  • What Are Blue Light Glasses Good For?

    Ever have a stiff neck and sore eyes after a long day of staring at your laptop, tablet, or phone screen? You’re not alone. Those are common symptoms of digital eye strain, a condition caused by exposure to potentially harmful blue-violet light*. So, what are blue light glasses good for? Our blue light filtering glasses are designed to protect your eyes and alleviate digital eye strain, making those unavoidable hours of screen time more comfortable.

    *Disclaimer: Harmful blue-violet light is between 415-455nm.

  • HEV Light

    So, what are we looking at? To start, the wavelength of visible light is between 380 - 780nm. High energy visible light, HEv, is between 425-455nm and may cause damage to our eyes. This portion of light includes harmful blue-violet light emitted by our digital devices. And with the average person consuming around 10 hours of screen time a day, blue light filtering glasses, blue light computer glasses, and computer reading glasses have never been more important.

  • Protect Your Eyes with Blue Light Glasses for Women & Men

    Both our non-prescription and prescription blue light glasses men and blue light glasses women are designed to protect your eyes from extended exposure to harmful blue-violet light.

    Our prescription computer glasses features found in our lenses make screen time more comfortable, too. Whether you’re working into the wee hours of the night or binge-watching your favorite show, glasses for computer use, like women’s and men’s blue light glasses, are the way to go.

    Many of our friends are spending more time on screens. We've recommended they try blue light filtering glasses, and most agree they can tell an improvement in their eye strain and fatigue levels.

  • The Followings are FAQs:

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  • What Should I Look For In Blue Light Filtering Glasses?

    Generally speaking, you should look for the same things you look for in any pair of glasses. Start by choosing frames that are the right size for your face shape. Then, find a pair of blue light filtering glasses that match your personal style. If you need reading glasses, consider a pair of glasses with SightRelax lenses. If you wear prescription glasses, you can just add a blue light filtering feature to your prescription at checkout.

    Do you need a prescription for blue light glasses?

    Only if you need a prescription normally. If you don’t need prescription glasses to begin with, you don’t need a prescription for computer glasses. Blue light filtering glasses, also known as computer glasses, can be bought with both prescription and non-prescription glasses. Our SightRelax glasses offer a section of the lens designed for reading – giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Can I use computer glasses for reading?

    It isn’t recommended to use computer glasses, or blue light filtering glasses, for reading anything other than a digital screen, because that’s what they’re designed for. Computer glasses help reduce digital eye strain which is a cause of long hours spent in front of screens which emit potentially harmful blue light. While they do have some similar features to reading glasses, it’s better to opt for readers for things like books and physical materials.

    Where to get cute blue light glasses?

    The best thing about blue light lenses, other than the fact that they reduce digital eye strain, is that they can be added to any of our frames! So, if you’re on the hunt for your next pair of cute blue light glasses, your first step should be looking for your favorite frame on our eyeglasses pages. Then, take it from there at the lens selection step of the checkout process. It’s as easy as that!

  • Are blue light glasses effective?

    Our blue light filtering glasses are effective at reducing your exposure to potentially harmful blue light between 415-455nm. This blue light exposure comes from long hours spent in front of digital devices, like laptops, smart phones, and televisions.

    Do Blue Light Glasses Have To Be Yellow?

    In the early days of blue light glasses, the lenses were a distinct yellow, and the frames were notoriously uncool. However, these days, blue light glasses are super-stylish and designed to only filter out blue light at the higher end of the spectrum. The lenses are not noticeably yellow at all. So, while they are imperceptibly yellow (and have to be in order to work), no one will ever know, unless you tell them.