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Our Story

  • Our mission: Change, Starts With Your Glasses!

    Basames Glasses Story

    Basames, genuine since 2008, we are the online professional wholesale glasses store of your dreams. We have been putting a focus on affordable, high-quality eyewear, which is why our customers consistently rate us the best place to stock. Over 2000 eyeglass frames and sunglasses at your fingertips, and new frames every month, the eyewear possibilities are endless!

    Heres we offer:

    Eyewear: designer sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, reading glasses, optical frames, etc.

    Eyeglasses lenses: single vision, reading, anti-blue light, photochromic, multifocal, anti-Fatigue, anti-Fogging, driving, etc.

    Sunglasses lenses: single tint, gradient, mirrored, polarized, etc.

    The birth of Basames

    We are an e-commerce model of "Internet + Glasses". We started in the era of rapid development of the Internet, based on domestic and foreign trade (Wholesale + Retail as a supplement) e-commerce model.

    In 2008, with the rapid development of Internet shopping in China, we officially entered the Internet eyewear market. With high quality, unique and distinctive style of products, we have become a trusted brand of Internet mirror fitting after a few years of development. Our sales market is mainly in the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain and so on. Basames glasses, change starts your glasses, we based on the quality and details of the assiduous pursuit, fashion and vitality of the image, for customers to bring a joy beyond glasses. It has successfully gained the attention and love of many middle and high-end consumers.

    Operating Advantages

    We take advantage of our own supply chain management, vertically integrated business model, simplified cost structure, and improved market competitiveness. Our market positioning is to customize our own glasses at an affordable price, and to produce high-quality products crafted by artisans in a fashionable style, which are deeply loved by consumers with intimate after-sales service. In order to give customers the freedom to create their favorite glasses. In order to provide better service, we continue to improve the website functions, to provide you with convenient and intimate one-stop service.