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Lens Coatings

  • Our Lens Coatings

    Lens coatings help protect and enhance your lenses. They can control the light that passes through your lenses to your eyes, so you can enjoy sharper and clearer vision in different conditions. From anti-reflective lenses, which reduce glare, to many coatings, which protects your lenses from daily wear and tear, lens coatings can extend the life of your lenses and provide comfort throughout the day.

    Help protect your glasses with our unique lens coatings. Our coatings help protect both your eyes and lenses. Learn more abou which one is the best for your needs.

  • Anti-Refective Coating

    Anti-reflective. or AR, coating eliminates annoying glare on your lenses and reduces the reflections caused by computers, automobile headlights, and more, so that the only reflections you see are the ones in your mirror-and the only thing your admirers see is you.

    An anti-refective(also known as anti-glare) coating prevents reflections from appearing on both the inside and outside of your eyeglass or sunglass lenses. No reflections on your lenses means more light is reaching your eyes, which inevitably improves vision.

    Anti-reflective coating glasses lenses are practically invisible. so your eyes will look better, your stylish frames can fake center stage

    All our single vision lenses come standard with an anti-reflective coating. High-index lenses naturally reflect more light, so this is an important addition if you're interested in thinner lenses.

  • Anti-Refective Coating Glasses Benefits:

    Allows more light to reach your eyes, improving visual acuity.

    Reduces vision-obstructing glare extra important for driving.

    Makes your eyes more visible behind your lenses, so your facial expressions are easier to see.

    On sunglasses, i prevents sunlight from reflecting into your eyes when the sun is behind you.

  • Anti-Scratch Coating

    Enjoy it free with all Basames glasses, No pair of glasses is indestructible, but anti-scratch coating defends against drops and tumbles and wi help protect your lenses from daily wear and tear. Our lenses contains scratcb-resistance on both sides of the lens, which makes your lenses last longer.

  • UV Protective Coating

    UV coating on glasses blocks 100% of UV light, so you can better protect your eyes from potential damage. such as cancer, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other issues. Choose lenses with a UV protective coating or lenses that offer UV protection throuah the properties of the lens material.

    This invisible coating works like sunscreen for your eyes by deflecting harmful UV rays from the sun before they can damage your eyes, and it is included for no extra charge with our polycarbonate (1.59) lenses. Free is always stylish, no?

  • Water Repellant Coating

    No more worries when walking in the rain! With this coating, water droplets wont stick to your lenses, keeping your vision clean and clear.

    Water repellant coating keeps water drop, dirt, and smudges off your lenses while making them easier to clean. Lenses with this premium coating stay sparkling twice as long.

  • Anti-fog Coating

    Anti-fog lenses are a perfect addition if you regularly wear a face covering with your glasses. The anti-fog coating fights condensation quickly, so when there's a temperature change that causes your lenses to fog up, they'll clear almost instantly. Please note that anti-fog lenses don't include anti-refective properties.

    Anyone who has worn a face mask while also wearing glasses knows how frustrating it can be when your lenses fog up. Anti-fog lenses solve this problem - they're quick to clear and remain clear, for fog-free vision inside and outside.

  • Light Adjusting Coating

    This coating darkens and lightens according to exposure to sunlight, becoming dark outdoors and clear indoors. This option cannot be applied with other sunwear options. We offer many kinds of photochromic lenses.

  • Polarized Coating

    This safety coating reduces the annoying, and sometimes dangerous, reflections that water and roads can create on your lenses, making it especially handy for activities like driving, running, and biking. lt comes in standard dark green, dark brown, or dark gray tint.

    Standard sunglasses lenses are great for reducing overall brightness, but they don't do much for glare those annoying, vision-blocking bursts of light. Polarized coating stop glare from reaching your eyes.

  • Single Color Tint Coating

    You know what you want. We know it, too. lf our 800 plus selection of sunglasses isnt enough for you. our color-tint coatings let you create your own, we have some good news. We offer four colors and two intensities for you to choose from. Please note that our color tints cannot be added to polarized or photochromic lenses.

  • Gradient Tint Coating

    Gradient-tint lens coatings start as dark tint at the top of a lens and then progressively lighten toward its bottom. The result is a pair of shades that offer you sun protection and privacy, but offer you varying degrees of light. Gradient tint can only be applied to lenses for frames above 36mm in height.

  • Mirrored Tint Coating

    Add a little bit of mystique to your look with mirrored coating on your lenses. Mirrored lenses are functional and fashionable sunglasses with that little extra flash, This reflective coating comes in gold, silver, and blue.

  • Anti-Static Coating

    Easily wipe your lenses free of dust and lint.It reduces static electricity build up on the lens surface, decreasing dust accumulation.

    Smudge-Repellent Coating

    Grease and dust are repelled from the lens surface, keeping your lenses cleaner for longer.