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Eyeglasses Lenses

  • Our high quality Eyeglasses Lenses


    Here's everything you need to know about the premium eyeglass lenses we offer. From practical lens coatings to the different vision-correction options available, your lenses are the heart and soul of your eyewear.

    You see the world through your lenses, so it's important to find the right ones for your vision needs. Check out our vast selection of glasses lenses to accommodate your prescription needs.

    These lenses are designed to help you see clearly. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or suffer from presbyopia. prescription lenses will keep your vision sharp.

  • Distance Single Vision Prescription Lenses

    Distance, General use lenses for seeing things far away. Single Vision Distance Lenses are needed when things up close appear clear, while things further away look blurry. Traditional, transparent lenses perfect for everyday use. Clear lenses are great for any occasion, whether its everyday eyewear youre after or a new stylish pair.

    lf you are nearsighted, indicated by a (-) on your prescription, these are the lenses for you. Choose high index lenses If your prescription is stronger.

    These lenses are designed to help you see clearly. Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, this prescription lenses will keep your vision sharp.

  • Reading Glasses Lenses

    To see near easily! Reading glasses allow you to enjoy your favourite novels, newspapers and magazines in perfect clarity, without eyestrain or discomfort. You'll find it easier to focus with our fabulous collection of reading glasses.

    Available in a wide range of styles, you can get a pair that flatters your unique style and face shape. Easily customize the power that your eyes need at a closer range when choosing from our wide selection of 2000+ styles.

    If you are farsighted, indicated by a (+) on your prescription, you are looking for this type of lens. Eyewear with this type of prescription are also known as reading glasses.

  • Blue Light Lenses

    ldeal for using digita devices!

    Have you ever felt a bit of a headache after spending hours in front of your laptop or phone? Blue light lenses can help reduce eye fatigue and increase comfort, so your eyes dont have to work so hard to focus, especially during long hours of digital screen time.

    Whether you are working on your computer, getting lost in a great e-book, or bingeing a long-awaited series, you can enjoy clear, comfortable vision.

    Blue light lenses filter out potentially harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. Studies show blue light can disrupt sleep and cause eyestrain. Keep your eyes safe and comfortable. This is a great choice for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of screens.

  • What is Blue Light?

    Contrary to UV light, blue light is emitted all around us, every day both indoors and oudoors, from the screens on our digital device to the sun as the biggest source. Extended exposure to certain wavelengths may cause eye fatigue and discomfort, but dont worry! Our blue light filtering glasses and computer screen glasses can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful blue light.

    *Disclaimer: Harmful blue-violet light is between 415-455nm.

  • Photochromic Lenses

    Move between indoors and outdoors!

    Photochromic lenses block 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays. They automatically adapt to changes in the light conditions, making your eyes more comfortable, especially if you are sensitive to light.

    These lenses turn dark as soon as you step outside, responding to increased exposure to daylight. When you go indoors, they'll fade back to be entirely clear, allowing you to have clear, protected vision wherever you are. Get the most out of Photochromic lenses to protect your eyes throughout the day.

  • How do Photochromic Lenses work?

    Photochromic lenses are fuly clear indoors and automaticaly darken outdoors in seconds, By otimizina the amount of licht your eves receive, it help reduce lare, eye fatique, and strain to create more efortless sight. Also block 100% of U rays and protect against potentialy harmful blue light from digital screens and bright sun.

  • Multifocal Lenses ( Bifocal Lenses and Progressive Lenses)

    Effortlessly see near, intermediate, and far

    Progressive glasses enses are designed for people with presbyopia. They are a modern solution that enables better vision at every distance without the visible line that cuts across the center of bifocal or trifocal lenses.

    With multiple prescriptions in one lens, there is no longer a need to switch glasses between activities like reading, driving, or working at the computer. Take advantage of progressives and enjoy a more versatile pair of glasses.


    Bifocals feature two distinct prescriptions, with a line separating them across the middle of the lens. These are the most common type of multifocal lenses.

    Progressive Lenses

    These multifocal lenses gradually change from near to farsighted vision correcfion as you move up the lens, providing more complete vision correction than standard bifocal lenses.

  • Anti-Fatigue Lenses

    Plus, no additional prescription is required!

    Experiencing eye strain? Some activities - think: screen-scrolling, note-taking, or reading a page-furner - require intense focus. Enter anti-fafigue lenses: glasses designed to support the demandsof modern life.

    Anti-fatique lenses feature a small boost of power designed to lessen eye strain by helping the eyes transition from far to near. This boost is seamlessly integrated into a single vision lens - no bifocal lines.

    These lenses are ideal for pursuits that require sustained, up-close attention, like gaming, drawing, composing music, or working from home.

  • DriveSafe Lenses

    Lenses for driving, see clearly, drive safely.

    Good vision is crucial to safe driving. With the right lenses, you can cut glare from the sun and headlights. Reduces glare at night, achieve the optimum driving experience, day or night.

    It is very good for driver!

  • Anti-Fogging Lenses

    Plus, no additional prescription is required!

    Have you found that your glasses now mist up when wearing your mask at the same time? This happens when the temperafure changes from hot to cold, and can occur both outside and indoors. The heat from your breath under your mask can cause your lenses to steam up, usually because the lens surface is cold. Fog resistant lenses, avoid getting steamed up. A fog resistant lens will give you long-lasting fog-free vision, whatever the conditions. The benefits is daily protection against fog and harmful UV light, and scratch-resistant, dust repellent.

  • Student Myopic Control Lenses

    Myopic control lenses, reduce myopia progression and axial elongation, only for student, Special myopia control lens designs work by changing how light focuses on the retina. It will slow myopia progression may keep your child from developing high myopia. High myopia can lead to sight-threatening problems later in life.