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How to Choose Frame Color?

Reviewed by: Henry from Basames on 2019-08-17
  • If youve been asking yourself, What glasses look best on me? and wondering what color glasses to get, the answer is about to become a whole lot clearer.

    Learning how to pick glasses for your face shape is key to getting to know the kind of pair that will complement your features. Our Glasses Guide is a great way of familiarizing yourself with the best looks for you.

    Find the Best Frame Color in 3 Easy Steps

    But once youve found the shape, what about a color for your frame? Sure, you could take a What color glasses should I get? quiz. Or, better yet, simply read on for our guide to glasses colors which shows how your eyes, hair, and skin tone all play a part.

    Step 1: Pair with your eye color

    Consider frames that pair well with your eye color according to our guide below and see what theylook like with our Try-On tool.

    Step 2: Pair with your hair color.

    Think about your hair color and the frames that would work best with it. You can also consider yourhair and eye color combination, and how everything works together for your overall look.

    Step 3: Pair with your skin tone

    As well as your hair and eyes, think about your skin tone and the glasses that look best with yourcomplexion. See our guide below to find out about skin color categories and undertones.

    Eye Color

    Eyes are important when it comes to choosing frame colors. Read on to find out how to go about choosing a compatible one for yours. Once you have an idea, shop eyeglass frame colors and sunglasses frame colors from our selection.

    Brown Eyes

    Brown eyes can be warm or coolin tone, depending on howdark they are. However, most brown eyes pair well withwarmer fones like tortoiseshells, golds, and greens. Deepgreens and grays pair well with hazel eyes.

    Best frame colors for brown eyes: Black, Gold, Green, Tortoise.

    Blue Eyes

    What color glasses for blue eyes? Blue eyes pair beautifullywith blue and gray tones, and contrast with rich browns andtortoiseshell patterns. Blue eyes glasses are always uniqueeither way.

    Best frame colors for blue eyes: Blue, Brown, Grey, Tortoise.

    Green Eyes

    Finally, what color glasses bring out green eyes? This colorpairs well with earthy brown and gold tones, and contrastsnicely with pink or purple colored glasses.

    Best frame colors for green eves: Brown, Gold, Pink, Purple.

    Hair Color

    Hair color varies widely with warm and cool tones, and of course, everyones hair is different. See below for suggestions on what to go for according to yours — whether its blonde glasses, brunette glasses, eyeglasses for gray hair, or something else to suit your color.

    Brunette Hair

    Warm browns tend to have gold or red undertones. Browngold and auburn are examples of this color category. Coolbrunettes tend to be lighter shades with ashy undertones -like ash brown and cooler shades of auburn.

    Best frame colors for brunette hair: Black, Blue, Red, Gold.

    Blonde Hair

    Below is a selection of the best frames for blonde hairLooking for the best color glasses for blonde hair blueeyes? Combine the suggested frame colors below with oureye color guide above and do the same no matter your eyecolor.

    Best frame colors for blonde hair: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple.

    Black Hair

    Depending on whether your black hair is a brown-black orblue-black, it can pair well with a multitude of colors. If youhave black hair and are wondering what pair you should gofor, or who can wear black glasses, see the best below.

    Best frame colors for black hair: Black, Blue, Bronze, Rose Gold.

    Gray Hair

    Gray hair can be warm or cool. Salt-and-pepper hair istypically cool, while some gray tends to be warmer. There'splenty of choice when it comes to men or women'seyeglasses for gray hair.

    Best frame colors for gray hair: Flora, Ivory Tortoise, Red, Purple.

    Skin Tone

    Skin tones are separated into two primary categories: Warm and cool. Warmer tones usually have yellow or green undertones, while cooler ones have more of a blue or pink undertone.

    Best Color Glasses for Warm SkinTone

    Warm skin tone colors pair well with similarly warm the ones on the following list:

    Brown, Orange, Green, Gold, Clear, Striped, Pink, Red, Yellow.

    Best Color Glasses for Cool Skin Tone

    Cool skin tone colors pair well with similarly cooler shades,like the ones on this list:

    Black, Purple, Gray, Tortoise, Pink, Blue.

    Beyond the warm and cool categories, skin tones can be further split into three overall shades: Light, deep, and medium. Eyeglasses can add an extra dimension to your look, either by contrasting your skin tone with a lighter or darker shade, or by complementing your undertone with a more saturated one.

    Light Skin

    A pale, peachy complexion and yellow or green undertone pairs well with warm neutrals, saturated shades, and dark colors. The cooler category is light skin with pink cast and blue undertone so cooler hues and neutrals pair well.

    Best frame colors for light skin with warm undertones:

    Brown, Gold, Pink, Purple.

    Best frame colors for light skin with cool undertones:

    Blue, Gray, Pink, Silver.

    Deep Skin

    Deep skin tones with a golden cast are best complemented by warm colors. If its an eyeglass frame color for brown skin, or trendy glasses for brown skin youre after, theres plenty on offer.

    Best frame colors for deep skin with warm undertones:

    Brown, Gold, Green, Tortoise.

    Best frame colors for deep skin with cool undertones:

    Black, Blue, Green, Purple.

    Medium Skin

    If you have a medium cast to your skin with yellow or green undertones, your light brown tone will make neutrals shine. Medium skin tones with pink or blue undertones fit into the cooler category. Olive skin can also fit into this category.

    Best frame colors for medium skin with warm undertones:

    Brown, Gold, Green, Tortoise.

    Best frame colors for medium skin with cool undertones:

    Black, Blue, Purple, Red.

    Still not sure what frame color to choose?

    If youre still asking yourself what color glasses should I get, dont fret! Above all, the most important thing to remember when asking yourself what glasses to get is your personal taste and style — wear what makes you happy!

    These guidelines can help you make a choice that will complement your physical traits, but use them loosely — theyre not hard and fast rules! If youre wondering what color sunglasses to get, weve got plenty to choose from too.

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