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Rimless Glasses for Women and Men

Reviewed by: Henry from Basames on 2022-06-28
  • Rimless eyeglass frames are the best choices for those who favor a minimal look and feel. Lightweight and modern, rimless glasses offer plenty of style without taking over your face. With the only elements being the temple arms, the nose bridge, and hinges, these frames keep a low profile on your face without the extravagant design elements of full-rim glasses. They also come in various metals, including titanium.

    Lenses Taking Center Stage

    Rimless glasses frames use their minimalist charm and streamlined design to highlight your most important facial features: your eyes! Frameless glasses lenses are connected by the nose bridge, and the temples are fixed directly to the lenses. If you want your frames to be subtly stylish and bring the focus to your face, rimless glasses are perfect for you.

    Since this style has such a delicate construction, we use our best materials for the temples and nose bridge. Some of our rimless glasses are built with titanium. Titanium is one of the strongest and most lightweight metals on the market.

    Finding the Perfect Lens Shape

    No-frame glasses rely on subtle, narrow temples and nose bridges. This brings all the attention to the lenses, so finding the shape that fits you best is extra important. We have great womens and mens rimless glasses styles. The standard shapes for this style are sleek rectangles or oversized rimless eyeglasses.

    Customizing Your Lenses

    The style of frame you choose isnt the only choice you have to make when buying with us. The next step is browsing all of the different options for your lenses. You could even add a sun-blocking tint to turn your rimless glasses into rimless shades. A polarized lens is a great sunglasses feature than can be added to tinted lenses to reduce annoying glare.

    Blue Light Blocking Lenses

    One of the most useful lens customization options we offer is blue light blocking lenses. This technology filters out almost all of the harmful blue light emitted by most digital screens. Light on this wavelength can disrupt your sleep and possibly cause damage after daily exposure.

    Putting Your Rimless Glasses to Work

    Since they are so lightweight and comfortable, this style would make a perfect pair of rimless reading glasses. No-frame glasses also have another advantage in that there is no pesky lens frame in your visual field. They weigh so little that you might even forget youre wearing them!

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