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Say Goodbye to Thick Glasses Lenses

Reviewed by: Henry from Basames on 2019-05-04
  • Back in the day, people used to lovingly refer to strong eyeglasses prescriptions as “Coke-bottle glasses.” Translated, this means “thick lens glasses.” But with the advent of technological advances in eyewear, even those who need a strong prescription can have sleeker and slimmer lenses. The secret is high-index lenses.

    Why are thick glasses lenses so thick?

    It’s a hard truth to swallow, but the stronger your prescription, the thicker your glasses will be. The way in which eyeglasses correct sight is by using curved lenses. Those who are nearsighted have lenses that are thicker at the edge and thinner in the middles. It’s the opposite for farsighted folks: the lenses are thick in the middle and thin around the edge.

    Refractive errors in your sight are measured in diopters. As that scale gets higher and higher, your lenses will require more curve to correct your sight. That means more lens material. The higher your diopter rating is, the thicker your lenses become. Some prescriptions are so high that lenses appear clunky and heavy and distort your looks.

    High-Index Lenses to the Rescue

    With the invention of high-index lenses, eye care professionals can provide you with the same sight correction without the “Coke-bottle” look. The plastic material used in high-index lenses bends light more efficiently. They’re formulated and compressed to produce thinner lenses. The higher the index, the thinner your lenses will appear.

    If you have a strong prescription, we recommend a higher index so you can have thinner, lighter lenses. We offer six different indexes at Basames:

    1.50 index lens: Standard

    1.56 index: Thin and light

    1.59 index: Polycarbonate lens

    1.60 index: Super-thin

    1.67 index: Ultra-thin

    1.74 index: The thinnest possible

    When you make the switch from standard lens material to high-index, you enjoy better-looking eyeglasses produced according to the highest industry standards.

    Forget Thick Lens Glasses — Shop at Basames

    At Basames, we combine fashion with function. We have stylish frames that fit with any aesthetic and we walk you through how to read your eyeglasses prescription so you can input it correctly.

    When you choose your frames, most prescriptions are compatible with our high-index lens selections. Get the stylish glasses you’ve always wanted with sleek, light lenses that compliment your look. We also offer a 14-day Fit & Style Guarantee and a 12-month Product Guarantee with every purchase. Find eyeglasses you love by browsing our catalog today!

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